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Fujitsu empfiehlt Windows 8.

About Fujitsu

Who we are

Our company is one of the largest providers of IT solutions in the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, Fujitsu employs over 170,000 people in around 70 countries. Collectively we reported more than 50 billion dollars in revenue to the end of May for the business year 2010.

Where we come from

Our company entered the market in 1935 and has its roots in telecommunications. However, for over 30 years providing innovative IT solutions have been the focus of our everyday work.

Where we stand

We are the third largest IT service provider in the world and the largest in Japan. We are one of the five largest server providers in the world. We work with nearly half of the Fortune Global 500 companies. We hold over 34,000 patents related to our innovations. We are part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

What we do

We develop IT solutions for organisations that we work with ourselves. Our experience in the areas of computer and telecommunications technology, microelectronics, system platforms and services is evident in more than 34,000 patents that we currently hold. Thanks to our broad range of experience and expertise we are able offer our customers the complete IT infrastructure solutions that their organisations need.

How we work

We make technologies for people and see this as the focus of our work. All our solutions are tailored to fit our customers’ need. We set our focus upon the basic needs that all people share.

One of the most Powerful Computer

Find a cure for cancer? Tackle climate change? Or perhaps unlock the mysteries of the universe? Big challenges call for big ideas. And Fujitsu was thinking very big when it teamed up with RIKEN, Japan’s leading research institute, to design the K computer, one of the world’s most powerful computer.

Fujitsu Augsburg Factory

In 2011, the Fujitsu factory in Augsburg was expanded to the most advanced manufacturing facility for IT systems in Europe. For those who have no opportunity to visit the factory, there is now the possibility of a virtual tour. In interactive virtual factory tour, you will gain insight into the production, development, and in our test and Compliance Center.


Every product and every service that we offer is tailored to the specific needs of our customers – from large organisations to individual users. When it comes to organisational technology, we understand the needs of our customers because we share them. We offer companies integrated IT infrastructure solutions, from system platforms to individual pieces of hardware. Our notebooks are optimally customized to the requirements of their target working environments. Screens and keyboards are designed according to international ergonomic standards, to make everyday work as enjoyable as possible. We provide every user with exactly what they need to work effectively and efficiently. This is why our products come with TouchPads, touchscreens, modular bays and a range of other functions designed to make our users’ life as easy as possible. In fact, many of our incorporated improvements are based on feedback from our customers and users. We look forward to hearing from you.


We guarantee the reliability of our products and solutions through our unique combination of German and Japanese virtues. We build our products with only the best components and the latest technology, submitting them to every possible scenario in our in-house test centre to discover any possible deficiencies and eliminate them before delivery to our customers. We reap the rewards of our approach in the quality and reliability of our products. Developments like our record setting battery life, unbridled connectivity, data integration and durability are features from which our clients profit as much as we do.


Every decision has consequences and we aim to ensure that our clients can choose our products in good conscience. We produce our products using energy-efficient facilities and processes to keep production as environmentally friendly as possible. We also use environmentally-friendly materials and recycle at all our production facilities. Our products contribute to energy conservation after they have left the factory as well. Customised components and functions, like our highly efficient power supplies and the EcoButton, help us and our users lower total energy usage.